Biggest Black Friday Offer Ever!

It's Not Just The Biggest Black Friday Offer Ever....

It's The Best!

Why am I declaring this the BIGGEST & BEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER?!?!?!?!

Well, because I decided to create something this year that is so big and so amazing that I decided to declare this the biggest and best Black Friday EVER and when you see what I have for you this year you are going to feel the same exact way. 

Each year I make it my mission to give back to the women of my online community by offering various coaching programs at various price points no matter how many people in the online space tell me I am doing this thing all wrong. 

But providing high end coaching services to anyone who is ready to take action and get results just isn't enough, which is why I strive each year to help as many women as possible to build businesses that allow them to live a life of freedom no matter what that looks like for them. 


A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about all of the different women I've been so lucky to support over the past few years and the progress they were able to make from our time together and the results have been amazing to say the very least and it got me to thinking about all of the women that may not have been able to be supported this year and what a difference it could have made in their journey.


And that's when it hit me....

Why would I create an offer to throw out there in the overwhelming sea of programs and offers when I can do something even better and a lot more exciting than just another rock bottom priced coaching offer. 

Instead, I'm doing something bigger and better than ever!

I am GIVING AWAY over $1,000 this year in FREE coaching programs, resources and offers to YOU as a token of my appreciation for being a part of my online coaching community and for simply just being YOU each and every day!

So THANK YOU for supporting me and allowing me to support you and be a part of your business journey this year! 

Before I share with you this year's Black Friday Offer I must warn you that what you are about to witness and experience is so BIG and so AMAZING that it's totally freakin' CRAZY but once you see it, witness it and become a part of it, you will never look at Black Friday Offers the same AGAIN!



Are you ready to be a part of the BIGGEST & BEST BLACK FRIDAY OFFER EVER???


Then Keep Reading and Remember.... 

There's No Turning Back Now!!!   

2019 Biggest & Best Black Friday Giveaway Offer Includes

4 Different Coaching Programs and Resources To Help You To Master Your...


Online Client Attraction Strategy

Launch Strategy

Program Creation

Sales and Money Making Activities


Every Single Day For BIG Results that are consistent and dependable for a strong and long lasting future.

Ultimate Content Kit

A complete content creation kit to help you go become a content queen in just a few short hours.

This 26 page training guide and workbook will have you feeling excited, empowered, and confident in the content you are sharing each day with your audience.

Ultimate Program Creation Kit

Show up, share your offer and get paid with this 9 page program creation training guide and creation workbook. 

You will go through each step and answer each question I personally ask myself each and every time I create and launch a new program.

After you complete this training guide and workbook you will feel like an unstoppable program creating machine that gets paid for the things she shares.

Ultimate Sales Kit

Are you on a mission to increase your sales during the holidays?

Are you always wondering if the sales tasks you are doing each day are even the right tasks?

If you find sales and selling to be your biggest weakness and you are ready to feel confident in the efforts you make each day by showing up, taking action and get results than this guide is perfect for you!

This 11 page training guide and sales workbook will show you how to increase your sales and the exact sales tasks you should do each and every day to get results in your business by attracting clients and making money.

Ultimate Launch Kit

What exactly does it mean to "launch" your new program or business project?

How long is this launching thing?

How do you know if you are doing it right?

In this 9 page training guide and workbook, I am going to share with you my step by step launch strategy for each and every program I create and sell out in my coaching business. 

You will no longer what you should do in order to "launch" your new program because instead, you are going to know exactly what to tasks to do before, during and after each sold out program you launch you have.

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Master Your Online Strategy!

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Master Your Online Strategy is a 7 day coaching program that will show you exactly how to set up your online strategy so that you can increase visibility & sales, position yourself as an expert, attract more clients, and make more money each day. 

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