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2019 Black Friday Coaching Program Bundle

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This bundle includes 8 of my top selling coaching programs valued over $3,500 

The Money Hustle

21 day program was created to share with you the exact 5 tasks I do each and every day that produces me results consistently regardless if I do anything else that day.

During this program, you are going to learn:

✦ 5 Must Do Daily Tasks That Will Make You More Money, Attract More Clients & More Results.

 ✦ Master your mindset so that you can easily create a mindset process that works for you and is easy enough that you want to do it daily. 
 ✦ Master your money so that you know exactly how to set money goals, your money intention, know all about your money inside and out, and how to price your programs so that hitting your goals are easy and actually obtained. 
 ✦ Master your content so that you can easily create, show up and share your content daily by just opening your mouth and saying whatever you want to say and attracting those perfect clients consistently with ease.

 ✦ Master your marketing and growth with easy to use tips, techniques and strategies that are a complete no brainer to easy to execute which will easily result in growth and positioning.
 ✦ Master your sales so that you can not just attract and grow your business with the perfect clients but also convert them with total ease by showing you how to show up and sale every single day…. multiple times a day without feeling guilty or sleazy. 

This program comes with a 43 page training guide with daily exercises and activities for you to do around these 5 tasks

Program Value: $497

Content Creation Mastermind

Program Value: $997

Are you looking to get results fast in their business?


Are you ready to create content that...


 ✦ Attracts more clients 

 ✦ Gets massive engagement

 ✦ Convert your readers into raving fans and paying clients.

This is exactly what you are going to achieve in your business with this mastermind.

During this mastermind you are going to learn how to:

 ✦ Create attention grabbing headlines with my headline formula that stops the scroll and result in massive engagement.

✦ Write your content story and infuse it with your value and promo content that will result in an increase of sales consistently

✦ Use the EXACT formula we use to easily create our content pain points, features and benefits that attracts our ideal client

✦ Share the results of your program with a kicka$$ HOOK that converts over and over

✦ Write 4 different types of promo content & copy with the exact social media post templates we use to attract, engage and convert our audience

✦ Easily and quickly brainstorm content topics that are enjoyable and fun to create and read

✦ Create compelling value content and share it on social media daily to attract and convert your readers

This program includes a complete training guide and mastermind training videos

Client Attraction Roadmap

Are you ready to start attracting soulmate clients and producing $10K or more each month?

You know what you need to do. 

You show up each day. 

You create & share your content.

You are booking calls & connecting with others on social media. 

BUT... They just aren't the right people.

You just can't seem to figure out what in the hell you are doing wrong or how you keep attracting those who aren't ready, willing or able to invest in themselves or in you. 

This vicious cycle of attracting and not converting can really wear you down and can discourage you from building the business of your dreams but don't throw the towel in just yet because I totally got your back here in my new Client Attraction Roadmap To Soulmate Clients + $10K Months. 

A business is not a business if your not making money and you can't make money if you are not able to attract people who are ready, willing and able to take action and invest in themselves.

Soulmate Clients = $$$

My Client Attraction Roadmap is going to show you exactly how to attract soulmate clients and start making bank TODAY! 

This program includes a step by step training video, workbook, and presentation slides.

Program Value: $117

Creating Your Signature Program

Program Value: $144

Do you have a signature program to offer your clients?

Do you have a go to high end service package that you offer your clients?

Do you feel lost at the idea of what or how to create a signature program?

If you don't have a solid signature program to offer your clients and you are ready to brainstorm, build and promote a new high end services program and package to your clients then you are going to be excited about this new offer. 

This program includes a complete training guide and workbook on how to map out and structure your new signature program.

Master Your Money Mindset

Master Your Mindset… Money Mindset course we will be covering

💲 Money mindset 101

💲 Why it’s important to understand it so you can change it

💲 How it affects you and your business

💲 Outlining your money story and limiting beliefs

💲 How to change your money story and bust through those limiting beliefs

💲 How to set your financial goals in a way that is empowering and obtainable

💲 How to overcome objection and have confidence in your money conversations

💲 How to create a life of financial freedom and easy money flow


If you are ready to face your fears, conquer your struggle and rewrite your money story into one that totally transforms you and your business then grab this program in your new bundle.

Program Value: $297

Manifest & Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients

Program Value: $77

Are you tired of working all day and getting nothing done?


Do you often wonder where the day has gone?

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients?


Are you frustrated that you haven’t made any real money in your business?

I struggled also until I found that missing puzzle piece and who would have thought it was right under my nose the entire time.


When this shift happened... changes started happening.

In as little as 5 days I started to see results from my journaling.

🌟 I started manifested and magnetized
🌟 Ideal clients
🌟 Income from various sources
🌟 Unexpected money
🌟 Sales on programs I had been trying to make money on months before
🌟 Daily email subscribers
🌟 Multiple group requests of raving fans wanting to join my community.

In just a few short months, I had not only manifested results into my business but into my life too.

💎 I am driving my dream car
💎 In the process of buying my dream house, my 1st house purchase.
💎 Consistently making 5 figures a month

Manifest + Magnetize Your Ideal Client
5-day journaling challenge to attract ideal clients + sales with ease.


This program is going to cover everything you need to start getting your mindset on track to start manifesting results quickly!

You will learn how to….

✶Gain confidence around your message in a way that will start attracting the RIGHT clients to you each day. Your IDEAL CLIENTS!

✶Have complete CLARITY around your ideal client, sales, and ideas so that your priorities are the ones that give you results each day

✶Prioritize your daily task so that you are more PRODUCTIVE each day

✶Create content that will have you growing your community with nothing less than IDEAL CLIENTS

✶No longer feel depressed and frustrated with your business. Only passion and excitement each day when showing up as an expert.

✶Show up consistently in your online communities with such confidence that they know you are the go to expert!


Booked Up & Sold Out

Program Value: $597

Booked Up and Sold Out you will teach you how to…

●Create programs and offers quickly and easily
●Create programs and offers that attract and converts your audience
●Create a launch process and system for you that works
●Set your program intentions and do the money work every day for massive results
●Sell out programs with little no sales effort
●Attract the perfect clients for each program rather than chase them down
●Feel confident and comfortable with your pricing
●Sell all day every day without feeling salesy or spammy
●Book out programs with a marketing strategy that is perfect for you and your biz.
●Create, launch and sell out program after program on repeat with a step by step process checklist.

Online Money Makers

Program Value: $777

Online Money Makers

12 days of

::: Showing up online as an EXPERT
::: Mastering your sales with ease
::: Making money daily and consistently
::: Start attract the RIGHT clients
::: More awareness around you and your biz
::: Deciding, attracting, committing, demand, and expect MORE in your life

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Blog Post Planner (Value $47)

Social Media Planner (Value $47)

Instagram Success Guide (Value $33)

Ultimate Facebook Marketing Kit (Value $127)

Mindset 101 (Value $818)

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