Hi, I'm Lacy Hodges! 

Online Biz Coach and Strategist


I work with ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the frustration and overwhelm, level up their business by taking action each day to achieve their goals, get results and make money consistently.



I sleep, eat and breath social media marketing, course creation, content creation, and sales. I use my years of work and life skills to brainstorm amazing strategies that go on to create amazing results for my clients.


In fact, I am the happiest is when I'm sharing my strategies with the world. Everything I  touch turns to gold, it's like watching magic!


I went from making some extra side money with my biz to making a bad coaching investment and making no money, and just when I thought all hope was lost I found a coach offering a DIY program for ONLY $9. Now, I didn’t have the $9.00 technically but I was able to scrap it together and invest in a DIY program and it changed my life.


(You can read my full story right here >>> http://bit.ly/2KIwMBa )



Here I sit 2 years later and proudly able to tell you that I have a super successful coaching business that I am proud of and brag about every single day.



I started out making little to nothing and now making at least $10K each month is easy. (I never thought that I would say that out loud and mean it lol)



Getting here was not as easy as I am making it sound and that $9 investment is what started my business on track to 5 figure success but it’s not so cut and dry either.


I really struggled with a lot of things when it came to building a successful coaching business online. If it weren’t for those struggles and tons of mistakes I wouldn’t be where I am today with my coaching business.


I struggled with everything from clarity to client attraction and top it off by not being able to generate an income that I could depend on to support my family.


Today, I teach and support my audience with everything I know about building a successful coaching business and I do it without needing to break the bank.


I believe that anything and everything is possible you just have to want it bad enough to make the change and take action.


Success isn’t dependant on who you are, where you come from, what you have done in the past or how others view you because success is about deciding, committing and action taking.


If you are tired of playing small and struggling to get the results you need to justify and prove you and your business deserve to be taken seriously then it’s time to make a change.


Together we can have you attracting clients, making money and getting results in your business. Daily. Easily. Consistently.


Let me show you how you can have the time, money and freedom of your dreams on your terms… YOUR WAY!


Are you ready to show up, do the work and take action now?




Your past doesn’t decide your future… YOU DO!


You just have to DECIDE on what you want, COMMIT to making a change, and take action to get RESULTS!

You already have taken the first step because you are here and ready to learn what you need to learn in order to make a change. I know you are really finding this whole level up thing to be just as harder if not harder than when you were in the start-up stages and you feel like you are right back to drowning in the "How" of it all.


How do you create a consistent income with your business?


How do you remove the constant feeling of overwhelm?


How do you go from the level up struggle to six-figure success?


The list of "How's" can go on and on but the good news is you don't have to wonder about all of this for too much longer because I have walked that walk and talked that talk, and I have made it out to the other side of this struggle.


My mission is to work with every female entrepreneur who is ready to show up and do the work to take their biz to the next level by helping them run away for the struggle of creating consistency they can depend on and teach them how to create financial freedom they can depend on each day. 


So sit back, and let me show you how easy it is to make five and six-figure consistently with your business!