Biz By Design

Put your business back on track with a 6 figure strategy you are excited about with a fully designed plan for the success you have always dreamed of and desired for your life and business.

A few months ago I was on Facebook just doing my thing when another entrepreneur reached out to me via Facebook messenger. 

We start off our chat like any other, simply asking each other how the others day was going and doing the whole "get to know ya" chit chat when I finally asked her to tell me more about her and her business. 

I seriously think that she was waiting for me to ask because she was sooooo excited to share with me all the amazing things she had going on in her business at that time.

She starts off by telling me what she does and whom she helps which I didn't expect anything less and just knew she was dying to spout off that perfect one-liner she had worked so hard on for so long that simply not sharing it would felt like a waste of her time. 

After she immediately sent her go to opening statement she had worked so hard on she immediately followed it up with ALL the exciting things she was working on to finally get her business off the ground so she could start attracting clients.... Not just any clients but the perfect PAYING clients!

This is were it always gets interesting to me because I am always amazed at the laundry list of task that online entrepreneurs think they need to do in order to start attracting clients and making money online with their businesses. 

Of course, I was not disappointed by her list of exciting tasks she had going on in the works that's for sure.

Here are just a few of the things that she listed off to me that she was working on in order to get her business off the ground and attracting clients:

New Website

Mapping Out Her Signature Program

Creating Modules For Her First Course

Working On The Perfect Branding

Mapping Out and Setting Up Her First Funnel

Learning How To Set Up A Successful Facebook Ad-- Don't get me started on this one! lol

Planning Out Her Webinar Content

Fully Automating Her Coaching Business

Working On A Passive Income Program For Her Automated Funnel

Seriously, the list went on and on with all the things she needed to do and planned to do and was currently working on just so she could get her business off the ground with the hopes of signing paying clients.

As I was reading off her list to myself I found myself feeling really really overwhelmed. 

My anxiety was increasing more and more with each line I read to the point that I had to stop and lay my phone down to catch my breath. 

Why was this affecting me so much?

I hear this time and time again from entrepreneurs and each time I have the same results....


Then it hit me!

I react this way every time I read off someone's list like this because it brings me back to when I was in the same exact spot they are in right now. 

This girl's journey is exactly the same journey that I was on when I first came into the online space with a dream business and driven passion to sign paying clients that needed and wanted my help. 

I know how this feels. 

I have been in this same exact position.

I also know exactly how this is going to end for her.... The same way it ended for me. 


See you are probably reading off the list above thinking that you have had that same exact list or even working on that same exact list RIGHT NOW!

You are probably wanting to the same end result and desire she is wanting from that list of never-ending tasks as well.... To Attract Paying Clients,

There's just one thing this list is missing. 

It's the same thing I was missing in my business. 

It's the same thing you are missing in your business. 

An actual task to ATTRACT CLIENTS ONLINE! 

It's that missing puzzle piece that each of us is missing when we come into the online space ready to hit the ground running and realize that we need to get a crap ton of stuff done first before we can even start thinking about attracting paying clients.




I spent endless hours in front of my computer putting all of the same things in place as this girl was doing when she reached out to me. 

After days and weeks and even months of working on my website, a funnel, automation, branding, and all the in-between stuff I managed to get nowhere fast other than mental frustration, completely overwhelmed and total burn out. 

Just to later find out that I didn't need any of those things to get my business off the ground.-- WHAT?!?! NO WAY!

So let me be the first to tell you if you have not heard it before.....


In fact, I am going to share a little secret with you right now on how to start attracting your ideal clients online right now. 

All you have to do is.....

Create content

Show up

Share it 


Even if you don't have a 6 figure strategy and you just do those four things you can easily start attracting your ideal clients online. 

But I don't want you to just attract your ideal clients online sporadically, I want you to attract your ideal clients online CONSISTENTLY and EASILY every single day with my 6 figure strategy that will quickly and consistently get you results once you create and implement it!

Biz By Design

Put your business back on track with a 6 figure strategy you are excited about with a fully designed plan for the success you have always dreamed of and desired for your life and business.

I am sooooo FREAKIN' EXCITED about this new program I am sharing with you and can't wait for you to join me to start putting your business back on track and designing a 6 figure strategy for success that supports the life and business you are always dreaming about and truly desire.

But before I let the excitement completely take me over I better tell you what the hell my new Biz By Design program is all about and why you and your business cannot possibly afford for you to sit around on this one. 

Biz By Design is going to show you how to....

✔ Identify your goals, personal and business, to ensure that you are designing a strategy and plan that is in full alignment with what you desire in life and what you dream of with your business. They are not separate things so they should not be treated that way.

✔ Break your goals down and use each of these steps as stepping stones in your newly designed strategy for your life and your business. 

✔ Track your progress along the way to ensure you are on track with the action plan and strategy you designed and how to get back on track if you go just a little off track without completely losing momentum and results.

✔ Stand out and get noticed online in a way that easily sets you apart from other entrepreneurs around you by simply showing up and doing your thing each and every day.

✔ Attract your ideal client out of an online crowd of millions without ever feeling sleazy or salesy in your business.

✔ Show up and doing only 5 simple tasks each day and get massive results in as little as 3 hrs a day. You will attract more clients, make more money and get more results by doing just these 5 simple tasks each day if nothing else.

✔ Create content, where to share it, when to share and how often you should share it in order for you to easily attract and convert your ideal clients online. 

At the end of these 8 weeks you will have designed the perfect biz plan/strategy that is fully aligned with your ultimate life desires and dreams that you are able to easily and consistently implement each and every day that you are excited about working on because you know you each time you show up you get more and more results. 

During Your 8 Weeks In The Biz By Design Program You Will Learn How To...


$ Fully design your Social Media Strategy

$ Fully design your Content Strategy

$ Fully design your Sales Strategy

$ Determine where and how to attract your ideal clients with your fully designed Lead Strategy.

$ Plus a fully designed result based Visibility Strategy that allows you to easily show up and stand out as an expert online in front of your ideal clients.

You will no longer work on tasks that only generate frustration, overwhelm, anxiety and dread but rather feel confident knowing you are only working on the tasks that bring you joy, results, clients, more income and a lot more time and freedom in your life all while working closer and closer to that dream life you truly desire.

No more wondering if you are selling enough. 

No more wondering if you are selling too much. 

You will know exactly how much is more than enough to get you what you want when you want and how you want it each and every single day. 

Now really....


Tell me this doesn't sound like the missing piece you have been manifesting each day when you do your daily mindset!


I know I sure wish it was something that was around when I was struggling and I know you no longer want to struggle either but rather create that 5 figure or 6 figure dream you really deserve and desire!  

Here are all the juicy deets you are looking for

➤ We start on July 8th thru August 31st!

➤ If you show up, do the work and implement the strategy you design with my help, of course, you WILL easily take your biz, income, and personal life to the next level. Making 4 figures now, you can easily make 5 figures after your 8 weeks. Making 5 figures? You will be hitting 6 figures with your newly designed strategy and routine.

➤ This program is FUN, EASY, AND RESULT BASED it isn't hard and isn't meant to be hard so let's do this together and get you those results. 

➤ I am here to support you all the way so you will want to make sure that you are asking questions and utilizing your 8 weeks of private coaching access you have to me.  

➤ You will receive weekly workbooks and training material as well as video training step by step for each assignment.

➤ Weekly accountability check-ins from me to see how you are doing and where you are with your assignment for the week.

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