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A Life Of Freedom

Is Within Reach

Hi, I'm Lacy Hodges!

I am an online business coach + strategist.

I work with ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs by providing them with the support, tools, and resources they need to attract soulmate clients, make a S**T ton of money and get consistent results to take their businesses to that next level they dream of and desire in order to live the life of their dreams. 

You started your business to make money and create a lifestyle that you dream of and deserve and together we can achieve this and more!

Enjoy Living A Life Of Ultimate Freedom Doing What You Love With The Business You Created

The online space is one of the noisiest places you will ever hangout at in your life especially social media so starting a business online isn't easy. The amount of information you will consume in a single day on social media and the internet is enough to make a sane person go INSANE. 

It doesn't take long to become paralyzed by information overload and instant anxiety due to the constant thoughts of wondering who should you listen to, what should you be doing, and what direction should you be taking right now in your business to get the quickest results for you and your business. 

Everything you encounter on a daily basis with social media is enough to a sane person say "Hell No!" and simply throw in the towel but not you!


Nope! You are not one of the sane ones, you are one of the crazy ones just like me.... You Are An Entrepreneur!


You aren't going no where no matter how crazy the online world seems or how frustrated you may feel with your business right now you are determined to build a successful business that makes you money and allows you to live the life you dream of, desire, and deserve. 

That's exactly what I am here to help you do without the overwhelm, frustration and massive anxiety you are feeling right now in your business. 

I have scaled my business from only making $1K-$2K a month in consistently to hitting $5K then $10K  and even $20K + months consistently for the past 4 years resulting in 6 figures year after year.

I wish I had the strategies, tips, tools, and resources I have now back when I first started because I would be celebrating 6 figures and beyond in much less time than it has taken me but I have them now to share with you. 

I want to share with you the tips, tricks and strategies I have used over the past 4 years to build, grow and scale my business beyond what I ever imagined so that you too can experience a business and life beyond your wildest dreams in less time than you ever imagined. 

There are 4 ways I can help you to build and scale a successful business so you can create the freedom and lifestyle you desire and deserve

Simply click the option below that best describes what you need help with right now in your business

Business Basics & Strategy

Clarity. Client Attraction. Pricing. Signature Package Creation. Building Foundations & Strategy Etc.

Productivity. Focus. Mindset.

Accountability. Daily Money Making Tasks. Personal Development & Growth. Etc.

Consistency. Sales & Selling.

Daily Sales Activities. Strategy. Program Creation. Daily Routine. Action Tasks/Plan. Etc.

Content Creation & Marketing

Content Creating. Social Media Marketing. Strategy. Client Attraction. Accountability. Community Growth. Soulmate Clients. Etc.

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