Social Media Content Calendar

This Social Media Content Calendar Includes 19 Tabs:

  • 12 monthly calendars

  • Content Library

  • Content Example

  • Social Media Cheat Sheet 

  • 2020 Traditional Holidays & Fun National Days

  • Social Media Platform Post Tracker

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Email Sequence Swipe File

This email sequence swipe file includes a 5 part email to take your subscribers through the Like, Know & Trust process you need to go from raving fans to repeat paying clients.

This is my personal email sequence that has the highest open rate, conversion rate and makes me tons of money through email.

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Social Media Power Hour Daily Checklist

This Social Media Power Hour Daily Checklist Includes: 

  • (3) PDF Downloads: Daily Checklist, Planner, and Tracker. 

These daily tasks only take 60 mins a day and are the exact tasks you need to increase your visibility, position yourself as an expert, and maintain the consistency you need to attract soulmate clients, make more money and get massive results each day in your business.

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Social Media Content Post Templates

This bundle includes 6 social media templates that you can use plug and play style. 

  • (4) Promo Post 

  • (2) Value Post

Each template is laid out for you step by step on how you can structure your value content and promo post for maximum conversion. 

Every post template will show you the must have elements you need to speak directly to your audience. 

  • Scroll Stopping Headlines

  • Hook grabbing post intro

  • Audience benefits/results

  • Value Based Content

  • Post Wrap Up

And The MUST HAVE CTA (Call To Action)

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Social Media Reach Out Scripts

This bundles includes my go to reach out scripts for private messaging my audience on Instagram and Facebook messenger. 

You will get 3 downloadable PDF's that gives you access to:


  • (3) Different Instagram reach outs

  • (3) Different Facebook reach outs. 


No more struggling with wondering what to say or how to say them to your audience in private message. These reach out scripts are an easy copy and paste reach out for you to use when looking to connect with your audience without stressing over what you should say.

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Ultimate Coaching Starter Kit

Check Back Soon For All The Details On How You Can Get Your Hands On The Ultimate Coaching Starter Kit. 

Starter Kit Coming Soon!