This 10 Day Mastermind Intensive Will Cover 3 Important Elements Of A Profitable Launch

✦ The Process & System Of A Profitable Launch

✦ Creating Your Next Program/Offer

✦ Secret To Selling Your Offer To Soulmate Clients

Here's What We Will Cover

✦ The SECRET to creating irresistible offers that people WANT to buy 

✦ The one thing every profitable launch needs to be successful.... EXCITEMENT!

✦ How to create your program so that it speaks directly and specifically to the perfect person, not to a group of the wrong people.

✦ Step by step outline on exactly how to structure your offers and your launch strategy

✦ Knowing what to say and how to say and when to say it in your content, your program copy and your sales post on social media. 

✦ The exact sales strategy I use that is completely aligned with my launch strategy: Before, After and During Every Single Program I Launch.

✦ The secret to selling each and every offer you create with fun, excitement and total ease.

Here's What's Included When You Join Launch Junkies

✦ Private Mastermind Intensive Group For Members Of Launch Junkies Only!

✦ Access to me for 10 days in the Launch Junkies Mastermind Intensive Group.

✦ Part I: 90 min. live mastermind intensive training in our private group.

(Yes! There will be a replay for those who are not able to attend)

✦ Part II: 60 min. live mastermind intensive launch training in our private group.

✦ Homework and action tasks after each mastermind intensive workshop training that we will work on together crafting on the training and in the group over the 10 days. 

✦ Workshop notes, worksheets, replays and guides for each part of your program, launching and sales strategy creation to ensure you are able to easily implement the steps we discuss together for each part of the training.

This Program Is for You If You Are...

✦ Tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and confused every time you start to create and launch a new program.

✦ Tired of have failed launch after failed launch no matter how much work you put into it. 

✦ Ready to experience the fun and excitement of creating and launching new programs and offers over and over.... multiple times a month.

✦ Always dreading the idea of creating and launching programs because you feel like all you get at the end of it is feeling burned out and little to no sales to justify your exhaustion.

✦ To see what all the buzz is around making sales and generating $5K, $10K and more consistently with every launch. 

How It's All Going Down...

Launch Junkies Starts October 15th


Flexible Payment Plan