3 Ways To Overcome Writer's Block

You want to share your message.

You want to tell your story.

You want to teach your audience everything you know around your niche.

You are totally ready to just get up and scream everything you know that will help others get results from the rooftops.

So you figure why wait and grab your laptop with the intent to write up all this really good shit that will help others and position you as an expert in your online space and you know it’s going to be great.

Laptop open.

Fingers on keyboard.

You’re ready.

But then nothing happens. All those amazing thoughts and great stories you were ready to share are just gone.

It’s like your laptop has a built in Men In Black neuralizer pen and just wipes your mind blank the moment you get ready to start typing.

Seriously, this shit happens to me all the time and drives me completely bonkers and sometimes just downright angry with myself.

Now, look I doubt that either of us have a badass Men In Black gadget in our computers so that means you are struggling and suffering from something a lot more serious than memory wiping gadget.

You are suffering from…. WRITER’S BLOCK!

See I told you it was serious and it can be hard as hell to overcome until now!

Today, I am going to share with you 3 ways that I overcome writer’s block when I am wanting to just write some badass content to share.

Are you ready to overcome your writer's block?

I know I am so let’s jump right into it.

3 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Before you can work on the solutions for writer’s block you have to first identify your writing struggles.

Here are 3 of my most frequent content writing struggles and their solutions:

1. Deciding on a topic.

Look I totally get it and I know just as well as anyone else about the struggle of deciding on a topic. It’s enough to make you want to break out in tears.

2. Catchy headlines.

Some days I can write a headline like I was born to do it and other days I couldn’t write a headline to save my life… Well, not a good one any. lol The headline is what jump starts you and grabs your readers attention so if the headline is weak so is your jumping off point and it will slowly drive your excitement into the ground.

3.Staying on topic.

Please tell me I am not the only one that does this when they are writing content. You sit down to start writing and you can’t think of anything and so you decide to force a topic to write about because sharing something is better than nothing but then once you start writing and it just goes and goes and goes to the point that you know it’s just way to long but you keep going.

You finally decide enough is enough and wrap it up just to realize that what you started about isn’t the same topic or point of view towards the middle and by the time you get to the end it’s a completely different lesson or story.

Do you do this?

I know I do and it drives me nuts because by the time I am done I’m tired and now I have to figure out if I can salvage this work enough to make sense to others reading it. lol

Now that we have talked about the struggles you may encounter when your writing content but now let’s talk about how to overcome these struggles.

1. Deciding on a topic.

Don’t let this overwhelm you just take it one step at a time. Pick the main topic you talk and teach your audience.

Example: Social Media Marketing

Now this topic in the example is pretty broad and can cause overwhelm when you sit down and try to write about it so start with the end result that you want your reader to get by implementing your content.

Example: Gain visibility

Ok, so now you have the broad topic: Social Media Marketing.

You have the end result: Gain Visibility

So what next?

Well, at this point I go one of two ways:

I start with writing a headline based on what I already have:

Example: How To Use Social Media To Gain Visibility

So if I were to use that headline I can easily come up with a piece to write on but if I were still struggling to come up with this than I would just break down the broad topic into a more specific topic.

Example: Social Media Marketing

More Specific: Facebook

Headline: How To Use Facebook To Gain Visibility

Now, I know I can easily write about this topic.

2. Writing a headline.

When it comes to writing a headline I always do it last. I may give a “dummy headline” to start but I don’t create a solid headline until the very end because that way my writing can go where it must as I am writing.

Headlines stress you out so don’t try to start off with that when you are sitting down to write.

3. Staying on topic.

OK, this is totally one of the hardest things for me to do and for a long time my content really had no purpose but then I came up with a strategy that helps me.

Before I write anything I start with 3-5 bullet points that I want to cover at the very beginning then I write around the post and fill in the details. It helps me to stay on topic and hold the structure of my post.

These are the 3 biggest struggles I have with writing content in my business and 3 ways I overcome them.

Give them a try and then come Share with me and over 300 other amazing women in my Facebook group, The Coaches Hangout. Not only do we love to support and empower each other but I also provide the most valuable biz training's on all of Facebook and that is something you don’t want to miss.

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