7 Step Formula To Making More Money

Making money is usually our number 1 focus when it comes to building our businesses but if you are struggling to do this then it's really not much fun.

Who wants to suffer and struggle? NO ONE!

Today I am going to rid you of the suffering and struggling with my EASY 7 STEP FORMULA FOR MAKING MONEY IN YOUR BIZ!

Are you ready? Here we go....

>>> Know Your Ideal Client! I firmly believe that there are 2 stages in everyone’s business.

Stage 1: The struggle before they have that “Oh Duh” moment

Stage 2: Have already had that “Oh Duh” moment and is now on their way to consistency and freedom.

These 2 stages are in the beginning and there are multiple stages in every business but for me these are the 2 stages that people are in when they have the make it or break it moment.

How do you move from stage 1 to stage 2?

Getting clear on your ideal client. All of us have been in stage 1 and some of us stay there longer than others [GUILTY] but only because we are resistant to putting the work into gaining clarity in our biz. We just don’t think that it’s as IMPORTANT as everyone is saying. Lol

Stage 2 is that moment you give in and start getting clear on who you want to work with and all the other struggles seem to fall right into place.

So the #1 step to making money consistently is to get clear and know who your ideal client is that you want to work with.

>>> RESULTS! You have to start sharing and celebrating your results… BIG or SMALL! If you are not taking the time to enjoy and brag about new email subscribers or new group members than you are not getting that boost of motivation you need to carry on to the money results. You have to take the time and breathe and celebrate EVERYTHING to avoid burnout.

>>> Irresistible Offers. If you haven’t conquered step #1 then this step isn’t going to be as easy as it should be for you. Anyway you should ALWAYS be creating S**T that you LOVE and S**T that your ideal client NEEDS or WANTS. Create offers that they can’t possibly say NO to and are dying to grab a spot in your next offer. These offers are what is going to keep them coming back for more.

>>> Visibility. Get yourself out there and start showing your audience that you are the go to F**KING EXPERT in your industry. Apply for guest podcast spots or guest blogging or even in group programs that need guest experts. Put yourself out there and start getting your biz seen.

>>> STOP booking dead end discovery calls. If you are still booking discovery calls I hope it is for a really good reason like a REALLY high conversion rate and if you are not still doing calls I hope it’s because you have found a better way to sign new clients. Either way if you find yourself spending 6-8 hrs a day on discovery calls that are nothing more than an hour out of your day that you can’t get back then I have to assume you are talking with the wrong people.

My first suggestion is to stop doing them BUT if you have not found a better way than I suggest you start pre qualifying your calls. Create an app and have each person fill them out before scheduling a call then if they are not the right fit you can avoid the call altogether.

>>> Drive Traffic. You can’t create an audience of RAVING fans if you are not driving traffic to any of your social media profiles, groups, or website. Get out there and SHARE SHARE SHARE! There’s really no reason you can’t see an increase in new followers or subscribers if you are promoting, showing up, sharing, and consistent with your audience.

>>> Multiple Income Streams. YOU have to be creating multiple income streams for your business. STOP creating 1 offer and depending on it to make you the money you are wanting or getting you out of that 9-5.

Take the time and brainstorm some new ideas and offers TODAY!

Share them with your community and see what they think.

That’s it!


Are you implementing each of these in your biz daily?

Share in the comments below or join my free Facebook group, The Coaches Hangout and jump in on the conversation.


Lacy J. Hodges

Online Business Strategist

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