How To Create Content That Positions You As An Expert

Struggling to gain notice in your Facebook groups and other platforms?

Let me tell you why…

You can’t be seen as an expert because you aren’t showing up as an expert. You are invisible because your content just isn’t showing others why you are the best.

If you want to show up as an expert you need to start giving value like an expert!

When I say give value I am sure most of you are saying to yourself right now… I am giving value and it’s just not working!

And you probably think you are but let me be completely blunt here… I have read 90% of the content my members put out there in my group or other groups and it is so far from value it is painful. #sorrynotsorry

Seriously I get this pain in my chest every time I read a post from one of my members on social media and it is not a value packed content piece. I just want to scream… GIVE THEM MORE!

Is there some substance to these content pieces? HELL YEA!

Do they have potential? HELL YEA

Should they be considered lost causes? HELL NO

But they need some work and they need more to really position you as experts in a sea of thousands!

Here are some of the common mistakes I see you making with your content:

:::NOT giving enough value

:::NO call to action

:::LACK of consistency

:::NO strategy

:::LACKING structure

:::NOT readable

:::NO real action steps


I can tell you now that most of your content is written based on “have to” rather than “want to” and it is the most painful thing I have ever had to read.

I won’t comment on it because there no CALL TO ACTION!

I normally won’t even finish it because it’s just paragraph after paragraph which looks soooo much longer on my phone.

I am usually not impressed because I didn’t learn anything from it which is what makes it a crappy value post.

Just last week I searched in my groups a few members that we have in common to see how their engagement is going in other groups and not one of them had more than a couple likes or maybe a comment from the host. That’s it…. NO ENGAGEMENT!

What I find intriguing about this is that as a host and a coach myself I have reached out to each of these members when they first joined and welcomed them to the group. When I started asking about their content in other groups each of them said…

“Oh I get amazing engagement on my content. I am doing really well in my groups. If I had a single struggle in my business content and engagement wouldn’t be one of them.” lol

Well…. I would beg to differ on this statement and since I know how hard it is to ask for help or confide in others when you are struggling I decided to write today’s content series piece about how to write a value post that will actually get you seen as an EXPERT!

➽Stop writing about S**T you don’t want to write about… It’s BORING! It is so obvious when you don’t have a lick of interest in what you are writing about and you are writing it because you think you should. Just stop doing it!

➽Give it all to them. When you are writing a true value packed post your reader should come away with some type of steps they can implement and get results. If I am not able to have a different feeling or action steps for change then the content is not value packed. The best engaging content are step by step guides.

➽Have a CALL TO ACTION! Don’t bother expecting others to do anything on your post if you don’t tell them too. Seriously… No call to action=No engagement.

➽Structure~Structure~Structure! If your post isn’t readable then no one is going to take the time to read it. You have a very small window to grab your reader's attention and then in order to hold it you want your content to be scannable. Break the content up.

➽Consistency! You are not the only coach out there or service provider so if you think that you can post once a week and not be forgotten you are full of it. You need to show up every day a few times a day with different content. If you struggle with this then you may want to start by creating a strategy for your new plan.

➽Show up and contribute. It’s that simple! Just show up and contribute to your groups. It won’t be long before you are seen as the BADA$$ EXPERT you are.

Are you ready to ditch the excuses and start showing up as an expert?

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