How To Create Content Daily

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

If creating content isn’t really your struggle, yet actually getting it posted each day could be your struggle or if you are like me than it could be that you struggle with both. lol

For this training we are going to talk about how to create a routine and make content creation a habit so that you no longer create and never post it which turns into dread of even creating the content.

What does it mean to make content creation a habit?

Making content creation a habit means that it becomes second nature to you. You wake up and do it every single day like brushing your teeth or combing your hair or taking kids to school. It something you could do in your sleep and is so natural that you just do it without thinking about it.

How To Make Content Creation A Habit

Create A Process:

Now, you probably remember from the content creation part I training that I mentioned that some types of content you plan out and some types of content just don’t hit home the way you are wanting it to if it’s planned out or prepped early.

I always map out my “How To” value content and I don’t plan out my mega messages as they come to me when I am feeling the need to share.

Mapping out your content should start with a creation process which means really looking at what the content creation process looks like for you.

What type of content topics do you want to talk about?

How much time will you need or set aside to create your content?

(Don’t try to make this a speedy process because there is not a certain amount of time that you should or shouldn’t spend on creating content)

When will you create content? Early in the morning? On the weekends? At night? During the day? All at once or a post each day?

Where will you create your content? At home? At a co work space? A coffee shop?

Schedule It/Block Off Time:

Creating content isn’t just going to start out easy and so the first couple weeks you will have to really make the effort to do it or you will find yourself allowing other things to come up that you will let take priority over your content creation which is why putting it in your calendar just like an appointment with a client is really the best way to do this.

How do you know when to schedule in your content creation?

In step one you created a creation process and one part of that process was what part of the day would you create your content. That time of the day is when you schedule your content creation time.

Block off the amount of time that you need to create content your content and put it in your calendar like an appointment.

For Example:

If you block off 9am - 12pm each day of the week for content creation and your husband as you to go to lunch at 11am with him you would treat that time block the same as you would if it were a client appointment.

If you wouldn’t reschedule or cancel a client appointment for an out of the blue lunch date than you shouldn’t do it with your content creation time.

I like to block off at least 2 hrs each day for content creation. It’s not always 2 hrs straight but I will do like an hour in the morning and then (2) half hour sessions throughout the day depending on what I have going on that day.

If I am batch tasking my value content than I will do that over the weekend. I may spend Friday Night, off and on Saturday and the same on Sunday.

All in time chunks and a specific plan for what I am creating and for where I am wanting to share it.

Reward Yourself For All Your Hard Work:

I have kids that are still at home and ever since they were really little I have always had a reward system for certain things they do at school or their grades or whatever.

Giving them something to work towards really challenges and pushes them to work hard on something they may not have been doing that great at first or something they are wanting to maintain.

It’s a great system and works really well for kids but it can also work well for you even though you are an adult.

If you want to accomplish something you need to have something that you are wanting in order to get it done or have the drive and motivation to get it done.

I want you to create a reward system for yourself.

Start off small with some thing you can treat yourself with each day when you have your content completed and then give yourself a goal for a long term reward.

Maybe it’s a new pair of shoes or a new handbag.

Whatever it is make sure you are working for it and reward yourself for creating a content habit.

These easy steps will help you get on track and start creating a habit for your content and before you know it you will be creating content easily and without the struggle.

Do you struggle with consistently creating content?

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