How To Successfully Market On Your Facebook Page

If you have been neglecting your Facebook Biz Page it’s time to go back and give it a little love.

Here are 4 tips that you can use to start EFFECTIVELY marketing on your page.

::: Share content from other sources. Don’t be selfish here start sharing and promoting content from others online. Blog post, articles, other group post, guest spots, etc.

::: Variety of post. Use the 80/20 rule on your biz page too. Share 80% value and 20% promotion. Facebook doesn’t like it when you are only sharing promo after promo after promo. Give your audience some value.

::: Variety of content delivery. I talked about this in my live stream yesterday. When you create a new piece of content try sharing it in different forms. Audio, video, written, and with/without image.

::: Eliminate the 3rd party schedulers. This one use to be difficult for a lot of us because we could just easily schedule our page or group post using software like Hootsuite or Buffer but Facebook really didn’t like it. Now that Facebook not only has its own scheduler on the biz page but also in your groups they are really frowning upon the use of outside scheduling tools. If you are looking to use your biz page effectively then it is super super important that you use the scheduling feature in your group and on your page. You are going to get a better reach…. HANDS DOWN!!

As we all know Facebook is always changing and staying up to date on all the changes and that means knowing how to leverage our platforms to maximize our efforts.

Do you find yourself using your biz page more or not sure why you even have a page?

Share with me in the comments or checkout my Free Facebook Group, The Coaches Hangout to join the conversation.


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