How to Survive the Online Coaching World

Are you still running the same business today that you originally started?

Have you transitioned or thought of transitioning from the business you are currently operating?

I don’t know about you guys but the business I am building today is not the business I originally started and introduced to the online world. In fact the business that I am building into an empire today is not even the same niche area as when I first transitioned into over a year ago.

Yep! You are reading this right. When I first started my online business almost 3 years ago I started as a VA with very little knowledge of the online world that I entered.

I was not tech savvy. I did not know anything about marketing online or a damn thing about social media marketing and don’t get me started on content creation and Facebook group etiquette. To be completely honest I hated the idea of marketing. Marketing made my head hurt and I vividly remember looking at my husband and saying…


lol look at me now… Your go to expert for social media marketing and content creation.

All I wanted when I started to do VA work online was to help people with their back office admin task and let them take center stage in their business. Now I am sure if you know me at all you are probably shocked by the thought that I wanted to stay behind the scenes of anyone's business especially my own, but believe it or not it is true!

The more time I spent online and really learning the lay of the land I started to expand on the skills and educating myself in all things social media for business.

I finally hired me a coach because I knew there was no way I could grow my VA business online with all the frustration and confusion I was feeling at that time. I was seriously suffering from information overload and could not dig myself out. #thestrugglewasreal

That situation and relationship with that coach did not work out the way that I had wanted it to and to be honest I was more confused and frustrated than ever. As we do not have time for that whole back story I will just cut to the chase and tell you that at the time I was angry with everything that occurred and the direction that I allowed my business to go into but now that I look back I can see all the things I learned from this coach. I may not have gained the results I was looking for but it did teach me soooo much and I would not be the coach I am today if it wasn’t for that relationship.

The point of all that was to tell you about my transition and what mistakes I made from during that transition how you can avoid these mistakes.

When I left my coaching relationship early everything was in shambles. I mean seriously it was soooo bad and I was in such a bad place with my business and struggling with myself on things like skill set, self doubt, confidence, etc. etc. that I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I felt defeated! I felt like I had failed myself and I had wasted my time. Actually I had cheated and wasted my families time over the past year.

It wasn’t but a couple days of sitting at my computer for 16+ hrs and getting nothing accomplished that I decided I was OVER IT! I mean seriously I was done. In all reality, what I really wanted to say was I QUIT but since I knew I couldn’t live with the idea of being a quitter and knowing that of the things in my life I had overcome that starting an online business and social media marketing would be the one thing that finally defeated me.


So instead of saying to myself what I was feeling I decided to take a step back from my biz and really do some reflecting on what I wanted and where I wanted to actually be with this online biz. I guess you could say all I really needed was CLARITY! -- I like to do things the hard way obviously lol

My thought behind this couple day break was that if it were meant to be then I would have a hard time letting it go and if it weren’t then a couple day break would lead to other ideas that had nothing to do with that STUPID online business. Well, I will save you all the emotional details since you essentially know how this ends. lol (I think it was meant to be)

As you can see from reading this I just couldn’t stay away and there was nothing I could do during my break to fight off the urge to want to go back to my computer and try again. Back to the research, back to the grind, back to the long days of nothing really getting accomplished and no results but I didn’t. Actually I did but I didn’t do it that way. When I decided to go back to my computer it was longer than a couple days later. It was more like a week later because I knew I needed to do some major digital detoxing and soul searching.

I remember the exact moment that I decided enough was enough and that i would not accept defeat especially not from a stupid online business. lol I could not give up on but I no longer could see a future with my current biz because I knew I was meant for more. There was something there for me but it just wasn’t in the VA field anymore and I didn’t have a clue what it was and this situation was driving me crazy.

It wasn’t until I had soooo much anxiety about this situation that I finally decided I had to do something and so I grabbed my notebook and started to brain dump. I think I brain dumped for over an hour.

What did I brain dump about? EVERYTHING!! lol

Here are a few things I brain dumped about….

::: A list of all the online task I LOVED to do

::: A list of all the things I didn’t feel clear about

::: A list of all the things I knew of for my biz but didn’t feel confident enough with my skill set in those areas (Things I needed to learn)

::: A list of all the things I hated about the online biz world

::: All the things I was frustrated about

::: What I was want to achieve and how my biz fit into that

::: All the things I didn’t have a clue about when it came to building an online biz

The list just goes on and on.

When I was done I felt energized! I felt soooo good to express these things and give them validation and meaning that I felt like a brand new person. Not to mention the comfort I felt about releasing these things and not feeling judged or embarrassed or guilty. I really just felt like myself.

This process helped me feel more clear and allowed me to find the energy to focus and problem solve effectively without all the background noise.

The only thing I still had lingering over my head was all that damn information I had acquired over the past year.

What to do about all of that??? How do I get rid of this information overload I was feeling and had been drowning in?

Well, what I did next was one of the hardest and scariest things I had ever done in my business life.

I walked to my desk and threw it all away!

I threw away every notebook, paper, sticky note, random notes, and all the inbetween. I did not look through it nor did I organize it for future reference, I just threw it all away!

It was scary! All I kept thinking was how I was throwing away a year of my life. I actually felt like I had just wasted a year of my life and it all just amounted to the size of a large black trash bag.

It was not just scary it was sad, but you know what….


Seriously, it was the best feeling I had felt in a year!

Now I know that this took a long time to simply tell you that I just threw it all away but all this backstory means something. It drives home how I felt and how you are feeling right now. It’s all the things I did next that lead up to this exact moment.

It’s the next part of my story that is where all the success comes in and all the results and all of the amazing milestones I have met in my business. Plus the next part of my story is exactly how I met my biz bestie and business partner and that is where the real story begins.

The next part of my story is where I really started coming into my own and not being afraid to show it.

Judge Me! Hate Me! Love Me! Be Me!

Either way I am just going to show up as me and here I am!

This story should speak to you! This part of my story is what has made me who I am today and I needed to go through this to really find my voice and my place in this crazy online world.

You need to find your story. You need to find your breaking point. You need to find your ROCK BOTTOM in order to find the real you!

I want you to hear me when I say….

You can not succeed in building your empire until you succeed at building the real YOU!

Of course I could leave you hanging but what kind of person would I be if I did that lol

Are you ready for the rest of my story?

The part of my story that leads me this exact moment right here?!?!?

Well, you got it and It’s a lot shorter than the first part…. I PROMISE!

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