#1 Secret To Creating Sold Out Coaching Programs

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

If there’s one thing I get asked on a regular basis it’s….

“How do you create sooooo many coaching programs?”

And then that question is normally followed up with….

“How do you create programs that sell out so quickly?”

I never get tired of these questions because it wasn’t long ago that I too wondered the same exact thing but the difference was I didn’t have someone to ask without paying them first which I think is soooo silly.

When I did come across the answer, after hiring a bomb a$$ coach, I knew my life would never be the same and let me tell you it wasn’t.

The answer to my question was given in such a simple and “duh” way that I felt soooo silly for not knowing it sooner. -- They say hindsight is 20/20! lol

Today, I am going to share with you my biggest secret to easily creating sold out coaching programs and the exact process I use to create them soooo quickly!

How freakin’ excited are you?

I am pretty freakin’ excited to share it with you so let me stop stalling and just get to it!

Let’s cover the first part which is….

“How do you create programs that sell out?”

This is where my #1 top secret tip comes in and it’s the only thing you will ever need to create sold out programs from here on out. --- It’s a game changer!

My #1 secret for creating sold out programs is….

Don’t Ever Create Anything That Doesn’t Excite You!


This was the biggest mistake I made and I know it is the biggest mistake you are making in your biz right now.

How do I know?

Because I made the same mistake over and over again wasting my time creating S**T that OTHERS wanted me to create rather than creating S**T that I wanted to create.

See I would go into my group and at the time I would even go into other groups and create a “market research” poll asking others what they wanted to learn more about and then I would take those responses and create something.

I didn’t care if I wanted to talk about it or teach it or create it to sell because to me it was already a sold out program based on the responses I would get from my “market research” polls on social media.

I would spend the time.

Create the content.

Create the sales page.

Price it.

Do all the fun stuff that you do when you create a new program and then I would launch it.

I would be so excited about my program launch when I would finally share it with the world but not because I was excited about the program I created. I was excited about all the “pre sales” sign ups I already knew I had waiting on me and this new program.

I could see the money just rolling in and I was already spending it in my head.-- Cha Ching!

Anyways back to reality….

I would launch my new program and then just sit and wait.

What was I waiting on?

PayPal notifications from all the sign ups I was about to get from this new program that everyone wanted!

I waited.

And I waited.

And I waited.

Guess What….

No Sign Ups!

Not a single one.

So I would go and tag the people in the post just in case they didn’t see it.

Still nothing.

So then I would send them a private message and IF they accepted or bothered to even reply back this is what I would get…

“Oh, thanks for reaching out to me about this program. It sounds great and I would love to join BUT I can’t right now!”

(You can insert whatever excuse you want to there because I have heard them all.)

As shameful as this is to admit, this happened to me on multiple occasions and you would think that I would have learned my lesson but let me be honest for a minute. I am too damn hard headed for that and so I kept doing it!

Now let’s get real!

You can only take soooo many hits to your ego, confidence or whatever you want to call it before the lack of sales start to justify your negative thoughts you have been telling yourself along the way. -- Yep! I know those thoughts. Still have them from time to time.

Eventually I took the hint and just quit trying because you know what they say….

“You can’t be disappointed or let down if you didn’t expect anything in the first place.”

But then the time came that I decided I wasn’t going to accept this from myself or others in the online space because I knew my S**T was good and I knew people got results from my free stuff so they would totally get results from my paid stuff if they would just buy it. --- Keyword: “IF” lol

So I decided to bring in the big guns and hire a coach to show me and tell me what I was doing wrong.

That’s when she told me exactly what I was doing wrong and that is the exact secret I shared with you today.

When I quit creating S**T that others wanted me to create and started creating S**T that I wanted to create everything changed.

I no longer had to chase down people just to get turned down.

I no longer had to tag people in post just to get ignored.

I no longer had to spend time creating programs that I could care less about just because I thought people would buy it.

I could easily create programs and offers that I wanted to create and they sold with such ease that I knew I would never go back to creating programs or offers for someone else again.

You don’t need to create programs because others say they want you to create them.

You need to create programs that YOU want to create because the only way to create a sold out program is launch something you are excited about and believe in.

There you have it. My #1 secret tip for creating programs that sell out.

But wait…

We haven’t covered part 2: How I create so many programs and offers each month

Well, that’s easy and you are going to love this because it’s something you will want to do every single day when you sit down and journal. (Pssst… That’s the big key to this process. Journal every day!)

Here’s the exact process I use every single day to come up with soooo many different program and offers to launch each month.

Each day I sit down with my journal for my daily mindset and I ask myself these questions:

1. What am I always talking about with my community?

--- Create a list of all the things you LOVE to talk about. Don’t leave anything out!

--- Once you can’t think of anything else move on to question #2.

2. Which of these topics in the list I created REALLY just jumps out to me?

--- Sometimes more than one will and if that happens I narrow it down to only two choices and then decided if I want to proceed from there with one or the other or both.

3. Why do I LOVE talking about this topic?

--- This is based on that one topic you decided on from the list.

4. Why is this topic important for my audience to learn more about?

--- What results have you gotten?

--- What problem has it solved?

--- Why is it important to you?

5. How excited am I about this topic?

--- On a scale of 1-10: How excited are you? (Hint: It should be above a 10)

6. Am I 110% I want to move forward with creating something around this topic RIGHT NOW?

At any point during this process if you are not 110% sure that you are ready to create a program or offer around this topic than you SHOULD NOT create something around it.

Don’t force the process!

If you get stuck at any point just move on and let it go.

You can revisit it later or just start over again the next day but whatever you do…. DON’T CREATE A PROGRAM JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU SHOULD CREATE ONE!

If you are 110% excited and ready to move forward with this program than don’t waste another minute thinking about it…. JUST START CREATING IT!

Not tomorrow!

Not later in the week!

Right Then…. Just Do It!


You know what you need to do.

You know what you want to create.

You know what your audience needs.

Don’t overthink it… Just do it and start making that money!

This is it!

My #1 secret to creating sold out programs and the exact process I use to easily create multiple offers each month.

So there’s no since in me rambling on and on about this when you have some work to get to and a new offer to create!

I would love to hear about your new offer and what you thought about this process so leave me a comment below or simply jump on over to my favorite and of course free Facebook group, The Coaches Hangout, and share your thoughts and new offer with me and over 300 amazing women just like yourself.

~Lacy Hodges

Online Biz Coach + Strategist For Female Entrepreneurs


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