My Personal 5 Step Journaling Process

Mindset was one of the biggest struggles in my business and in life all together.

I didn’t understand why I needed to sit and meditate when I could be up doing something to change the situation.

Mindset just wasn’t something I was into and honestly I thought it was a crock of crap. lol

It wasn’t until I hired my coach and was introduced to the wonderful world of mindset journaling. I am not joking when I say that I did not know that mindset journaling was a thing until she introduced me to it and then it was a life changing thing.

See I had been doing something similar to journaling my whole life especially when I would get anxious but never realized it was mindset journaling but I also wasn’t doing it effectively outside of brain dumping to feel less anxious.

I’m sure you have been told that there’s no right or wrong way to journal but I had to break it to you this is not true. There is a right and wrong way to journal and you will know if you have been doing it wrong because you have not gotten results from journaling.

Mindset journaling is not like keeping a diary. You should not write it out in paragraph form.

Mindset journaling is most effective when it is done in short and to the point thoughts.

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Ok, so let’s get into my mindset journaling process so you can get started on your journaling and making your own process.

My 5 Step Daily Journaling Process

✦Daily brain dump/ Daily brainstorming (Just get it all out. Nothing specific)

✦Daily affirmations (I am statements, confidence statements, etc.)

✦Money Work

✦Gratitude statements (min.25 statements)

✦ Dream life into reality journaling.

Daily Brain Dump/ Daily Brainstorming:

Daily brain dump or brainstorming is the process and practice I use to clear my mind and remain focused for the day.

I may not feel like there is a lot of stuff going on in my head so I will use that time to brainstorm my next content piece or program. When you brainstorm it could be to just get out of your head all the things you want to do so you can focus on the things you need to do.

Don’t worry if your brain dump sessions become todo list. All of those things are normally the things that we need to get out of our heads so we can focus on our money making task.

Daily Affirmations:

Daily affirmations can come in various forms. You can do this with “I Am” statements, confidence statements, money statements, etc.

What types of affirmations you do doesn’t matter as long as you are doing some positive affirmations to help you kick start the day into awesome.

I always do at least 25 of these each day.

Money Work:

Daily money work is important. You want to make sure that you are knowing your net worth.

What do you have coming in? What do you have going out?

You can also do your money affirmations at this time if you want to do those in this space.

Gratitude Statements:

These must be done every single day. You don’t want to skip this part of your journaling if you do nothing else in your journal throughout the day.

Let the universe know that you appreciate what you have and that you are open to more and that you deserve more.

Don’t leave out the simplest things like your internet or your cell phone.

Dream Life Into Reality:

Most people haven't heard about this part of journaling but it’s such a huge part of your journaling process.

This part of your journaling is where you put into words everything you want to achieve with your business and in life. You can journal your life into reality but you have to get up and actually do it.

When you are journaling you have to remember it’s not….

“I will own a house when my business makes $100k in cash.”

You want to make sure you are writing it as it is happening now.

“I own a house in xyz neighborhood.”

Or whatever it may be that you are wanting out of life this is what you want to journal that dream life.

Journaling is one of the most important parts of your business but journaling will not get you results. You have to take action in order to get the results you are looking for in your business and life.

Take this process and use it as it is or make it your own but make sure you are journaling every single day and take action immediately.

Is your mindset practice working for you?

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