Simple Tasks You Can Do To Get Daily Results

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As we are all experiencing the craziness happening in the world I wanted to show up and doing my part to support every single woman who is running a business, caring for her family, homeschooling their kids and trying to keep everything together while everyone is at home.

Each day in my Facebook Group, Business Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs, I have shared a mini live training & open coaching session for my group members.

The training topics have been simple things that we can each do to make a huge difference in our businesses without needing a whole bunch of time out of our day to do them.

Day 1 of my mini training series covered simple tasks that you can do to get massive results in your business.

Below is a quick recap of that training which includes the simple tasks I shared but if you are wanting to get more details on each of these tasks than simply check out the video below and don't forget to join my Facebook group to access these training each day live and ask your questions and share your comments.

DAY 1 TRAINING SESSION RECAP TOPIC: What To Do In Your Business While You Are Stuck At Home To Get Massive Results Task #1: Redo your social media profile bios.

Get all of your social media platform bios on the "same page"

*Refer to training session for more details*

Task #2: Review, toss, and/or repurpose your past content.

Check out the digital space where you store your content and decide if it is a fit to you & your business now.

* Refer to training session for more ideas on how to use this older content*

Task #3: Clear out old graphics, images, and stock photos.

Get yourself organized & get rid of some of these old things.

*Refer to training for more details*

Task #4: Create a new work balance or daily routine to fit your situation NOW. Things are completely different & happened totally unexpected so not having a grip on how your day is laid out or being like it was "before" during this different time.

*Refer to training session for details*

To watch the entire Day 1 Social Distancing Training simply click the video below and don't forget to join my free Facebook Group where you can catch all of the training sessions live & ask questions to be answered in realtime.

Don't forget to check out my free resource library to access dozens of business tools, kits, and other training material for you to take your business to the next level.

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