Why You Need To Increase Your Visibility

I’m sure you are no stranger to the word… Visibility. You hear it in Facebook groups, you hear it in newsletters, and you hear it from coaches. You hear over and over that you need to be visible in Facebook groups and other social media platforms but the one thing you rarely hear is why it’s important for you to be visible.

It makes you wonder. Other than it’s the key to online marketing…

Why is it important?

Here are 3 reasons why visibility is important:

💡You come across more professional.

It’s important for you to show up every day and staying active with your community. Your ideal client wants to know that you are dependable and professional before they engage or buy from you.

💡People will want to buy from you.

People buy from people that they see consistently and more often than others. That’s why you want to not only ensure that you are visible but consistent. Let me know you are here for the duration and you're not going anywhere.

💡People can’t forget someone that’s visible and consistent.

In a world that allows you to start a business from the comfort of your home with little start up funds you have to make sure that you are ALWAYS in front of your ideal client. If you are not visible in your groups then they will forget about you and the next coach just like you will start pushing you out. It doesn’t mean that they are better than you it just means they show up people see them.

If you are not CONSISTENTLY getting out there and getting VISIBLE you are going to continue to struggle with creating a successful business online.

Do you struggle with getting visible on social media? Try this

✔Share your story: Why you decided to start your biz

✔Introduce yourself: Who you are~What you do~Why you do it

✔Just show up!

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