From Stressed Out and Surviving to Consistently Thriving

with a private mentorship created for female entrepreneurs who are ready for a business that consistently attracts more clients, makes more money, and gets more results.


Freedom & Flow

A 16 week 1:1 private mentoring package will put you on the fast track to attract more clients, make more money and get more results in your business. 

The Freedom and Flow private mentoring package is for female entrepreneurs who want to know exactly what they need to do in order to make more money without working more and more hours each day. 

This package is perfect for entrepreneurs and online service-based providers who are ready to master their mindset, create the perfect programs and build a strategy that supports and executes their vision every single time they sell and launch their programs and offers. 

You weren't meant to build a business just for you to SURVIVE!

You were meant to build a business that allows you to THRIVE!

You are meant to build a business that allows you the freedom to do what you love every single day. 

Here's What's Included In Your Freedom and Flow Package

(12) Coaching Session Calls 

You get 12 one hour coaching session that you can use anytime over your 16-week coaching program. During each session, we will follow and track your progress based on the money making strategy we created based on the goals and vision we outlined during your kick-off call. 

Unlimited Coaching: Daily Accountability & Brainstorming

As a Freedom and Flow private coaching client you will get access to dozens of coaching programs including past and current programs. This access is available to you for 18 weeks, not just the 16 weeks you are in the Freedom and Flow program. 

Daily Accountability & Coaching 

Your 16-week package also includes unlimited coaching and mentoring access to me via audio and/or text message. You are able to access me any time you need me as well as me reaching out to you as your accountability partner to ensure you are on track and working through your newly created strategy with total ease and flow. Daily coaching and accountability is the real key to your success, you will know that you are never alone throughout this journey and always have someone to celebrate your wins and work through your frustrations. 

Weekly Assignments & Trainings Accessible On Your Personalized Coaching Platform 

You will not only have a money making strategy to follow after our kick off call but you will also have access to a personalized coaching and strategy board where each week I will add assignments and training material for you to work through that is customized to your strategy and coaching plan. These assignments and training materials are what will allow you to remain on the fast track for consistent cash flow. 

Worksheets. Templates. Swipe Files. Email Sequences. And Much More!

When you become a Freedom & Flow client you get access to everything I use in my coaching business. Every promo template, content template, copy and past email sequence, sales funnel, my personal strategy, and much much more. All private coaching clients get a behind the scenes look into my business... Even inside my personal journal. I am holding nothing back for this program.

90 Min. Kick Off Coaching Call: Strategy & Coaching Prep

Your first coaching session with me will be where all the magic happens. This session is where we will talk about our exciting new coaching relationship, what is expected of each other, how we will move forward, and map out your money making strategy for creating, selling and launching based on your goals and vision for the future. Our mission during this session is to set you up for consistent results that create the success and life you want to live from the results of your business plus making all the money your heart desires. 

Here's What We Will Cover During Freedom and Flow

Master Your Mindset, Master Your Business

The biggest mistake I made in the early stages of my business was thinking I didn't need a daily mindset practice. In fact, I thought a mindset practice was a bunch of B.S. people was selling to others that didn't know any better.


The biggest area I needed to master was my mindset around money. I started understanding and busting through major money blocks and eliminating my pesky limiting beliefs around money and started to rewrite my money story which was the exact things I needed to price what I wanted to price, create what I wanted to create, believe in what I was selling. 

During our time together I am going to help you build and master that million-dollar mindset you need around your money and your business so that you can successfully execute your money-making strategy without resistance for leveling up.

Content That Flows!

I LOVE to create content. I LOVE to talk about content. I LOVE to teach about content. 

I simply love all things content and you should too. 

Content should feel easy. Content should be desired. Content should flow. 

You are going to learn how to easily create content that flows and comes naturally to you so that you can create it daily, often and a healthy habit and routine that also aligns with the strategy you created. Content is where you make your money so you have to create it, share it and show up like the expert you know you are. 


Your money making strategy will include your marketing, content, and sales goals and vision but what good is a sales strategy if you don't have anything to sell. 

Well, we will make sure to solve that problem because I am going to show you how to create, launch and sell out programs like a money-making machine. 

You will know how to create programs that you can easily sell out and stay booked up without needing to add more hours to your day just more money in your pockets. 

These Are The Results You Can Only Get When You Join Freedom and Flow

Confidence and clarity in the direction and strategy of your business

The mindset of a million dollar business owner. 

Content that positions you as an expert, easily created from flow and ease and attracts soulmate clients and converts them into paying clients.

A business that you enjoy, makes money and requires less of your time while you are still inspiring, impacting and creating a movement for your community. 

Fast track to making the money you desire and the money you didn't even know was possible to make online with your business. 

I couldn’t believe how much value Lacy gave away the first time I had seen her online in a mutual Facebook group. I just knew I had to work with her. You can’t help but get results if you show up and do the work. Her 1:1 coaching is where I really leveled up my income. I easily generated $43K in 5 months!

~Tara S.
Online Wellness Coach

What I once thought was a dream has now become my reality. Today, I made $1252 in sales and $7K in sales.


~Michelle L.
Mindset Coach + Strategist

Freedom and Flow is a very exclusive mentoring program that has very limited spaces available to work with me privately. 

Only 3 spots will be available every 4 months. Please see the current schedule and availability.

2019 Freedom and Flow Availability:

(3) spots available for August thru December Sessions

Enrollment opens: July 11, 2019 

Enrollment ends: August 15, 2019


Make sure to sign up quick and take advantage of this amazing offer! If all spots are taken at the time of your inquiry, be sure to ask about the waitlist!

Freedom and Flow spaces cannot be held without a non-refundable holding deposit. 

You can inquire about the open availability by messaging me on Facebook as well as asking any questions you may have about the program.


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