Raving Fans & Client Results

$43k in 5 Months + Back to Back 1:1 Client's

I couldn’t believe how much value Lacy gave away the first time I had seen her online in a mutual Facebook group. I thought “There’s no way someone could give this much value and still make money” so I decided to join her Facebook group and see how she showed up each day in her own group for her own people. 




I was in total shock when I realized how much MORE she gave away to her own people and all of it for FREE


It wasn’t even a couple of weeks into following her and being a part of her group that I just knew I had to work with her so I saw an offer that I knew I just had to have and BOOM! sure enough, I got results just like she promised in the promo. After that first program, I was HOOKED

I joined program after program and eventually, I decided to take the leap and work with her 1:1 and the rest is history. 


Lacy’s strategies and training materials are so easy to implement that you can’t help but get results if you show up and do the work. She provided everything I felt like the online business world was missing when it came to coaching, structure, and step by step guidance, which really gets you results. 


Each program I invested in with Lacy got me results but her 1:1 coaching is where I really leveled up my income by implementing the strategies and utilizing every 1:1 coaching calls which resulted in my easily generating $43k in 5 months and signing back to back 1:1 client's within the first 45 days.

~Tara S.

Money Mindset Coach

All In A Day's Work: $7K In Sales + $1252 In Cash Today!

 OMG! I can’t believe that I am about to share what I thought was a dream but has now actually become my reality. 

Today, I made $1252 in cash and $7K in sales. ALL IN ONE DAY! 


3 months ago I dreamed of making half of this in a week and now my new normal is showing up, sharing my messaging and making cash and sales daily with only my dream clients.


I am so glad I decided to invest in my future by working with Lacy even though the thought of an investment that big was super freakin’ scary but it paid off just like she said it would!


Thank You Lacy for the greatest 90 days of coaching and I can’t wait to sign up for another 90 days with you!

~Michelle L. 

Online Sales Coach + Mentor

One Call. 1:1 Client. Pay In Full. In Just 14 Days!

If you don’t think that it’s possible to have just one call with a coach and sign your first pay in full client within 14 days then you obviously have never worked with Lacy. 

I scheduled my first call with Lacy as part of my Pathways to Profits program package and within 14 days I signed my first 1:1 client and not just any client but a PAY IN FULL CLIENT

Best investment I ever made in my business was in the Pathways to Profits program.

~Melanie M.

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