Scale & Sale

6 Week Mastermind & Private Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To


Wanna know the difference between

a business & a hobby

Paying Clients

If all it took to have a successful business full of paying clients was a little bit of hard work and sacrifice than you would be on your way without a worry in the world but no matter how hard you work you are still not seeing the results you are wanting. 

I totally get it and believe me when I say I have been in this exact same position with my business. It literally felt like the harder I worked the fewer results I would get and the more overwhelmed, confused, & frustrated I would feel about my business.

No matter how hard I worked or how much I did throughout the day it just never seemed to work. 

So if there's one thing I know for sure about you it's that you are sick and tired of how things are going with your business and the lack of results you are getting. 

I also know that as sick and tired as you are right now you are even more freakin' ready for this S**t to change... like YESTERDAY!

You Are So Ready For... 

✦ Having a REAL business that you can focus on fulltime that makes consistent money, not just a glorified hobby that takes up a lot of your time and doesn't ever produce the level of results you are looking for and desire.

✦ To spend your days working with soulmate clients who are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. 

✦ To make real money… a S**T ton of money actually that will allow you to pay your bills, continue investing in your business as it grows and succeeds, plan family vaca’s and still have more than enough money left over to put towards bigger goals and desires. 


✦ The enjoyment and reward that comes with owning a business where you can show up each day to do exactly what they love, with people they LOVE working with, and the income/sales to validate to them that they are doing exactly what they were always meant to do.


✦ To see how easy it really is to own a business, attract soulmate clients and make crazy money doing it without the 24/7 struggle and hustle. 

You Are Ready For So Much More

And I have exactly the thing to get you to MORE & BEYOND

Let me introduce you to the best investment you will make in 2020 for you and your business!

Scale & Sale

6 Week Mastermind & Private Coaching For Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To


OMG! I am soooo freakin' excited to finally have the opportunity to share this new program with you.


I seriously hope that when you see the entire program laid out for you with all the details on exactly what we will be covering and how you and your business will benefit from it that you will be as excited if not more than me. 


So.... Let's Get To It! 

Scale & Sale is my new 6 week coaching program that is a combination of a group mastermind and private 1:1 coaching.


During our 6 weeks together we are going to cover everything you need in your business to GET CLEAR, GET CONFIDENT & GET CLIENTS with double the support through our mastermind group filled with other like minded women just like yourself plus my expertise and support with your private coaching sessions. 

~Here's How It's Going Down~

Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to walk you through exactly which tasks you should be doing to generate daily results and cashflow.


I will also share with you my top secret tips and tricks for gaining clarity and confidence in your business so that you can easily show up, connect, and convert with your online audience as a leader and expert they need to know you are to feel confident enough to invest their money in you and your business. 

Of course last but not least the most important thing in your business... Sales, Selling & What You Are Offering! 

I am going to walk you through my step by step process & daily activities for making sales, showing up with confidence when I am selling and exactly how I decide on what to create and offer my audience when it comes to giving value, freebies, and paid offers no matter what the price point is or how it is delivered. 

Everything I am sharing with you during the next 6 weeks is exactly what I have been doing within my business for the past 4 yrs. which has allowed me to make a consistent income of 5 figures or more month after month, work less hours week after week while constantly increasing my income and attract soulmate clients who reach out to ME via private messenger day after day begging to pay me if I will just find them a spot to work with me privately. 

Let Me Show You A Complete Breakdown Of What We Will Cover Each Week In The Scale & Sale

Week 1

Clarity & Confidence In Your Daily Tasks

Eliminate the overwhelm, confusion & frustration you are experiencing in your business and replace it with clarity, confidence & certainty by having a daily routine crafted from a list of must do’s to get the results you desire within your business. 


✦ No more wondering what you should be doing each day. 

✦ No more spending endless hours in front of your computer working on tasks that may or may not get you the results you want. 

✦ No more endless to do list and half finished projects like creating the perfect website or crafting the perfect IG bio in hopes of it produces those big results you have been working towards. 

At the end of week 1, you will have a daily routine that works for YOU with the 5-6 daily must do’s to implement that will start producing results now not later.

Week 2

Connect & Convert With Confidence

Confidence attracts clients and clients make you money so it only makes sense that you are showing up and connecting with your community in a way that easily converts them from raving fan to repeat paying client but that can’t happen if you are not feeling confident in how you are doing this each day. 

During week 2 we are going to audit your current way of showing up online each day to ensure that the platforms you are spending time on and the content you are sharing is producing results and increasing the growth you want with the right people for you and your business.

We will focus on the top social media platforms and the exact content that works best on each platform. When you are armed with the skills and knowledge needed to feel good about your efforts your confidence will increase and the clients will start coming to you like the client magnet and expert you are in your business. 

Week 3

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Clients

During week 3, I am going to walk you through how to get super clear on what to create so that every you share online is exactly what your audience is needing & wanting from you. 


You will learn the entire process of creating VALUABLE content, freebies, SOLD OUT programs & offers plus other types of resources your audience can use & implement to see results in their business by taking action. 


This process shows you how to... 

✦ Decide on what to create

✦ Prep your programs & content to include the must have's for the highest conversion & engagement.

✦ Actually create your program w/clarity & confidence

✦ Put together & launch your program in as little as 24 hrs. from start to finish.

Week 4

Implementation Week

Life happens. 

Getting off track SUCKS and is a motivation killer for sure which is why I ALWAYS include a CATCH UP & IMPLEMENTATION week for my clients in my programs. 

During week 4 you will have a complete recap of weeks 1-3 plus our weekly mastermind group call where we will do catch up training, open coaching Q&A PLUS bonus training on how to price your offers and how to create a launch strategy that you can use over and over with each program. 

--- This week is a breather week where you can relax and look over any training you may have missed or needed to finish up before your days got away from you.

Week 5

Sales. Selling. Strategy.

During week 5 we are going to hit the ground running and create a solid sales strategy with various sales activities that you can do every single day to make money. 

This week will focus on the skills and techniques of how to sell, increase your sales and the importance of a strategy and process that your buyers go through so you know exactly what they prefer and what they don’t when it comes to investing their money in themselves and their businesses. 

Week 5 will include how to... 

✦ Promote, screen & book out your discovery call each month with soulmate clients who are ready to invest in themselves by joining your latest offer.

✦ Structure your discovery calls so that you feel confident in your calls & your sales pitch for your current program. 

✦ Use FB & IG messenger to sign clients & make sales using my personal connect & convert sales strategy/funnel that converts 8 out of 10 reach outs daily. (No Chatbot Training)

✦ Sell all day... Every day without being spammy or salesy with a list of easy to implement sales activities that will have you waking up to payment notifications daily.

Week 6

Maintaining Momentum

During week 6 we are going to focus exactly on what you can do and how you can maintain the momentum you have accomplished.


We will cover how to stay on track, what to do when things pop up and throw you off track and quick tips for holding yourself accountable each day to show up and get the results you desire towards your goal. 

In addition to your regular weekly training material, you will also find a brand new resource to help you & your business beyond our mastermind. This never before released resource is a Virtual Filing Cabinet For Service Based Entrepreneurs, which includes: various templates, copy & paste swipe files, business scripts, my highest converting email sequence, (1) Done For You Coaching Program, guides, workshop resources, and much much more. 


My new Virtual Filing Cabinet is fully stocked with everything you need to keep your business on track, growing, making money and getting steady results no matter what life throws at you.  

Wholly Moly! 

I'm not holding anything back when it comes to the value, training, & resources I am sharing with you in this 6 week mastermind. This is what happens when your excitement takes over during creation mode and you can't wait to get it out there so you can hurry up and get started. 

Which actually reminds me...

I should probably share the rest of the nitty gritty details with you so you can grab your spot and get started checking out the pre work I have available for you to work on. 

Here's Everything You Need To Know About What's Included

✦ 6 Weeks of hands on coaching & mastermind training material

✦ Video training lessons with written lesson summaries for quick reference 

✦ Weekly lesson plans & training material outlines to prepare for the week ahead
✦ Worksheets & Training Guides/Workbooks for each of the lessons/training modules. 
✦ Lifetime access to the course material with live updates as the program evolves  
✦ Weekly action tasks assignments to implement 
✦ Private group 
✦ 6 live coaching/mastermind group calls
✦ 3 private coaching sessions 
✦ Direct and unlimited access to me for coaching support 
✦ Accountability & support during the program

All That's Left Now Is For You To Reserve Your Spot By Signing Up Below To Join The Scale & Sale Mastermind!

Here's What You Need To Reserve Your Spot & Join Scale & Sale 

✦ We Start April 1, 2020 - April 13, 2020

✦ If you show up and do the work, you can expect to receive increased growth, steady income, increase in sales, feeling confident & clear that you know to do each day, a perfectly created program that is easy to launch & to your audience & a strategy for continued success. 

✦ You will get access to me, my private group on my new coaching platform, & everything listed here PLUS the extra stuff I decide to throw in during the program.

Are You Ready To. . .

Get Clear, Get Confident & Get Clients!


And start making a S**T ton of money doing exactly what you freakin' love with the people you love working with each day!

Simply Choose One Of The Options Below & Join Us April 1st!

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Cashflow & Sales Goal Tracker ($197 Value)

This tracker is one of my favorite tools to track the sales and income from various programs I've launched throughout the month. It also allows me to see if what I am creating and how I am pricing my programs is enough to keep me on track to hit my goal or if something needs to be adjusted. 

This tracker will help you create your income and sales goals for the month, price your programs accordingly and give you a good idea of how many clients you need that month or for a specific program to keep you on track with the goal you have set. 

Virtual Filing Cabinet.... *1st (10) EARLY BIRD SIGN UPS ONLY* ($555 Value)

OMG! I am soooo freakin' excited to share this with you. My Virtual Filing Cabinet For Online Business Owners is a total game changer and when you join Scale & Sale you will be one of the first to get access to everything that's included. 


Here are a few of the things that you will have access to within the Virtual Filing Cabinet: 

* Copy and Paste Swipe Files for all of my behind the scenes business tools. Email Sequence. Reach Out Scripts. Content Post. Etc. 

* Plug n Play Templates for Facebook & Instagram content that's ready to go & easy to use. 

* One of my Done For You programs. I created the program and included all the must have marketing tools for a successful launch now all you have to do is slap your name on it and share it with your audience. 

* There are TONS of checklist, guides, design graphics, planners, etc. inside of this Virtual Filing Cabinet ready for you to use within your online business. 

Content & Social Media Tracker & Video Training ($222 Value) 

Have you ever struggled to keep up with the content you have created? Not sure if you have already posted that image or that post? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content you have all over your online & offline storage drives. If you are tired of creating content every single day but not sure where to start to repurpose what you have already created or how to make money from the words, thoughts and knowledge you have shared or ready to share on social media than let me share with you the #1 tool in content creating and social media marketing that will have you feeling excited and efficient when you show up and share your content. 

That #1 tool is my Content & Social Media Tracker for all of your content to simply become organized and easily shows you where you have shared it online and how long ago it was when you share it so you don't repeat the same post too often. 

This tracker will also provide you with a content library and a social media results tracker so you can see which post performs best and on which platform so that you know which efforts are worth your time and which ones need to be adjusted for maximum results. 

$10K Roadmap w/Video Training ($300 Value)

$10K Roadmap is one of my favorites to share with my clients and my online community. In this training, I show you exactly how I create (1) coaching program and easily turn it into 5, 6, even 7 different coaching offers for my audience at various price points which allows me to maximize and leverage every single piece of content I create no matter what I created it for and still make $10K and beyond each month without working more hours week after week. 

Are You Ready To Reserve Your Spot & Join Scale & Sale Mastermind? 

*Special Early Bird Pricing*

One Time Payment Of 


$300 Savings Plus Limited Time Early Bird Bonuses

*Only Available Until March 22, 2020* 

*Price Increases On March 23, 2020. *

*Special Early Bird Pricing*

Flexible Payment Plan Option

Only $125 Today!

(3) Monthly Payments

*Only Available Until March 22, 2020* 

*Price Increases On March 23, 2020. *