From Stressed Out and Surviving to Consistently Thriving

My 12-week, one-on-one private coaching package will show you how to take the fear out of hitting RESET in your business. The Starting From Scratch private coaching package is for female entrepreneurs who know exactly what they need to do to attract soulmate clients, make consistent & easy sales but feel lost in their business.


This package is perfect for entrepreneurs and online service-based providers who are starting their business or have been in business but fell off their success track and now looking to get back "in the game" and feel lost in their success. 

If you are building or have built a business that has you merely surviving and not yet thriving than this is for YOU!

You weren't meant to build a business just for you to SURVIVE!

You were meant to build a business that allows you to THRIVE!

You are meant to build a business that allows you the freedom to do what you love every single day



(10) Weekly Private Coaching Sessions 

  • You get weekly one-hour coaching sessions the first 10 weeks of your 12-week coaching program. During each session, we’ll follow and track your progress based on the money-making strategy we created from your goals and vision outlined during your kick-off call which are aligned with the weekly trainings created for Starting From Scratch. (Outlined For You Below)

Daily Business Coaching & Mentoring Access w/Me-- Lacy J. Hodges

  • As a Starting From Scratch private coaching client you get unlimited coaching and mentoring access to me via audio and/or text message. You can access your business coach—me—anytime you need me. I will also reach out to you as your accountability partner to ensure you’re on track and working through your newly created strategy with total ease. Daily coaching and accountability are the real keys to success; you’ll know that you’re never alone during this journey and always have someone to celebrate your wins and work through your frustrations with you. This is available to you for (12) weeks... Not 10 weeks.

90 Min. Kick-Off Coaching Call: Strategy & Coaching Prep

  • Your first coaching session with me will be where all the magic happens. This session is where we’ll talk about our exciting new coaching relationship, what’s expected of each other, how we’ll move forward, and map out your money-making strategy for creating, selling, and launching based on your goals and vision for the future. Our mission during this session is to set you up for consistent results that create the success and life you want to live from the results of your business, plus making all the money your heart desires. (This session is not part of your (10) private sessions. This is in ADDITION to those sessions.)

Weekly Assignments & Trainings Accessible on Your Personalized Coaching Platform

  • You’ll not only have a money-making strategy to follow after our kick-off call, but you’ll also have access to a personalized coaching and strategy board. Each week, I’ll add assignments and training material for you to work through, which is customized to your strategy and coaching plan. These assignments and training materials are what will allow you to remain on the fast track for consistent cash flow. 

Starting From Scratch Exclusive Resource Library!

  • When you become a Starting From Scratch client, you get access to everything I use as a business coach. Every promo template, content template, copy and paste email sequence, sales funnel, and much more. All private coaching clients get a behind-the-scenes look into my business—even inside my personal journal. I’m holding nothing back for this program



WEEK 1: Clarity For Success

  • Success starts with clarity and that's exactly where we want to start. We will build off of our kick off session and get crystal clear on what success looks like for you, your ideal business & lifestyle, and how you will make an impact on your clients. 

WEEK 2: Money Making Message 

  • You can't attract those who you are meant to work with if you are not clear on (2) things in your business: What You Believe & What's Your BIG Goal. This is what would be referred to as your MESSAGE & your MISSION. Creating a CLEAR message & driving mission is exactly what is going to bring in the MONEY. This week we will focus on getting you clear on your message then your mission so you can share it with the world. 

WEEK 3: Let's Get VISIBLE 

  • It's time to step up and show up so you can get visible in front of your ideal clients but if I were to guess I would say this is the one thing you have been dreading since you have been "doing" this since you decided to start your business and the results/success of getting visible so you can attract the right people hasn't been that easy. Well, I hear ya and I KNOW the struggle is real but ONLY if you are not clear on where you should show up, how you should show up and how often you should be showing up. This week I am taking the guesswork out of this and putting in the fun of getting visible. 

WEEK 4: Building Your Tribe & Grow Your Community. 

  • Last week we covered the do's and don'ts of getting visible online/social media so you can attract the right people in the right places so this week it's time to take those people and move them into YOUR space. How? We are going to do this by covering tips, tricks and result based strategies for building your list, your Facebook group, increasing your Instagram following, and more based on your daily efforts from last week. 

WEEK 5: Giving Value w/ Your Content.

  • Woo Hoo... It's my favorite week and I am ready to share with you everything I have to share with you about CONTENT! Not just any type of content but VALUABLE content. What to share. How to share it. How often to share it. What to do when you don't feel like you have anything to share and how to create content that will easily make you SALES! Have you SIGNING CLIENTS. Bringing in easy CASH FLOW without even having to pitch your services. The money is in the value and the value is in the content. 

WEEK 6: Staying On Track Even When It Gets Overwhelming

  • Things will get hard. You will get frustrated. Life will happen. Results will slow down. Potential clients will say "No". Crap will happen no matter how prepared you are or how much progress you have made around your mindset but how you overcome these challenges and turn them into positive money making experiences is what will matter. This week we are going to conquer the overwhelm and practice dealing with the days we are simply feeling stuck. If you can work through it you can accomplish it. 

WEEK 7: Creating Offers That Sell & Making Consistent Sales

  • Let's bust your all the selling myths you have heard and get down to business with REAL result based sales activities you can and should be doing every single day. Yes! EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you are not selling you are not making money but of course in order to have daily sales you must have something to offer to your audience DAILY. From creating to launching we are going to cover it all this week.

WEEK 8: Systems & Process. 

  • It's time to have a strategy in place and a process for your daily activities by creating a system for success. We will discuss client attraction, content creation, marketing and sales process with result based systems to set you up for total success. 

WEEK 9: Staying Focused & Looking Ahead

  • Let's check our progress and see if we are on track. Are the goals we set aligned with the actions we are taking? Are we finding ourselves struggling to stay focused on our daily activities? Are you feeling bored? Restless? It's time to check in and see where we need the most focus and what we may be struggling with. 

WEEK 10:Maintaining Momentum & Seeing Your Next Level

  • Results are happening. Clients are coming to you left and right. Your business is growing. So... NOW WHAT?!?! As we wrap up our in person sessions together we still have a couple of weeks together and I want you to know I am here to help you maintain your momentum as well as start looking ahead and thinking... WHAT'S NEXT? You need to see your NEXT LEVEL. It's time to UPGRADE your life and level up your business. This is not the time to slow down and stop. Together we will do this. 



Clarity In What You Want In Life & Business

Clear Path To Signing Clients & Making Sales

Crystal Clear & Effective Strategy In All Areas Of Your Business

Confidence In The Tasks You Do Each Day ACTUALLY Gets Results

Clear & Exciting Plan For The Next Level In Your Business







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Ditto Lacy! I really wasn’t into groups until this year, but I’ve met some amazing people online in the last few months when I didn’t think that was possible, as I’m more of a “meet people organically” kind of thank you for being so open and conversational the first time we “met”, you set the foundation!

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